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Random Websites

It's hard to know what YOU would like, but here are a few website that amused, shocked or helped me.


When I Googled Editus I found, to my surprise, I'm NOT the only one with that tag on the Internet. Nope. There's an information website based in Luxenbourg, but more importantly, there's a music group called "Editus", and here's their link:

little arrow Editus Music

What else? Some of my own long-forgotten websites and blogs litter the Internet. One that I created to purge my soul of Second Life is found here:

little arrow The TRUE story of "Truth" Island

Here's a site that relates to my childhood in Norfolk. F.O.N.D. which is:

little arrow Friends of Norfolk Dialect

And here's another that appeals to me because - well, the title says it all. Visit if you like:

little arrow The Secret Schizoid

I am totally sold on a low-carb way of living. I've done all the research and experimented and I fully believe that the modern dogma that "fat is evil" is the product of new-age silliness and is without any scientific basis. Anyway, here is just one recent article supporting the research:

little arrow More Low-Carb Confirmation

Here is the latest from the Songify guys (SO funny):



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