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As you will already have read, I've discovered and have been playing the Murder Case Files (Big Fish Games) series.


Here you read about each game, and find walkthroughs below.


Huntsville (2005)

Prime Suspects (2006)

Ravenhearst (2006)

Madame Fate (2007)

Return to Ravenhearst (2008)

Dire Grove (2009)

13th Skull (2010)

Escape from Ravenhearst (2011)

Shadow Lake (2012)


They are "hidden object" games. That means each level contains a room or a scene where the makers have cleverly (or sometimes crudely) placed inconguous objects, a selection of which you are required to find and click on to complete the level.


It sounds easy enough. But it's complicated by a number of factors:


One, the objects are often cunningly disguised as other things. A pencil might double as the frame of a window; a coffee cup could be the logo of a Cafe.


Two, it's sometimes not clear what the clue is. A "fan" could mean an electric or a hand fan. A "bat" might be the flying kind, or the game kind. In Huntsville watch out for the clue "two pairs of glasses". One is spectacles, the second is a pair of wine glasses on the Bar!


Three, the time limit. Under pressure, with the clock ticking, it's sometimes very frustrating to search all round a picture time and time again and just NOT be able to find the "screw" or the "four leaf clover". You are given a number of hints, but not enough.


General Hints



Don't waste time! If you are really stuck, move on to the "map" and try somewhere else. Often in these games you don't need to find every single object.


If for ANY reason you want to stop, think, go to the loo, whatever, remember to click on PAUSE or the clock will keep ticking. I once ate a meal and came back to find the level was finished and I'd failed.


In the earlier games the graphics were not so brilliant, and you can tell some of the objects by the crappy edges where they did a cut and paste.


Leave enough time in 'Huntsville' to finish the tile puzzle at the end. You may have collected all the objects, BUT, that will do you no good if you fail the tile puzzle, and you'll have to do the level all over again.


In many of the MCF games, when an area of the screen glimmers, or sparkles, this indicates that a hidden object game is located there. Hidden object games are timed games where the screen will depict an area overrun with items. The cluttered mess will be hiding various items to be found.


Clicking on the item as you find it crosses it off a list on the bottom of the screen and you can proceed to the rest of the items on the list.


Hints are allowed and a hint clock will count-down between hints, so the player knows when they will be allowed their next hint.





In some games the clock speeds forwards if you click on the wrong item; in others if you click too quickly you'll be penalised. In other games, though, you can play in "relaxed mode" which gives you a lot of time.


Many items are doubling up as other things. A tie-pin might contain a picture of a moon or sun that you need. A photo on the wall might contain a tree or rainbow. And so on. Look at absolutely EVERYTHING, including the wallpaper, sky, background etc.


Some objects are hidden behind others, so you need to find one object in the list before seeing the next. In some of the games you have to be sure to find an item that will be needed later in the game to solve a level or a puzzle.


Walkthroughs here


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