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I've been playing games since the world began. Okay, since computing began. But it feels like the former.


I remember the thrill and excitement of buying a computer magazine which had a free floppy on the cover, with games. For anyone unfamiliar with the floppy, I hate you, you are so wretchedly young!! Go and get down with yo momma or whatever it is young people do these days.


Right, that's got rid of them. Now, where was I?


Floppies and Such



That floppy had a text game that was a neatest thing I ever saw. "You are in the corridor outside the shop. You see a door to the right, a hatch to the left, and a wire basket containing a ball and a hammer. Take? Go Right; Left, Forward."


Wow, we really knew to have fun in them days! I tells ya.


And then there was the "Little Big Adventure" series! The theme music and shots from the game are here:



I will pass over the intervening years, and speak not of "Alone in the Dark", which I played to destruction, and after which I phoned to complain that it ended too soon and rather abruptly - and ended up speaking to the Game's Creator. On my phone. In person. Yup. You could do that in those days.


Oh, how ancient am I?


And what about that "Myst" series eh? The graphics started out brilliant and went on getting better. And The Sims of course, and Sim City. Getting the latest table lamp for your house, and downloading the patch that made your sims naked. Those were the days. When your entire city could be wiped out by King Kong.

MCF Games Walkthrough & Cheats


So that leads me to today, when I have just discovered Murder Case Files. There's nine in the series now I think, and I got them all.


Excuse me for being obsessive, but I like them, and they don't take me long to complete.


Yes, I know, they are ancient and nobody gets shot, and all you do is point and click, but hey, I'm OLD all right?


Here they are listed (external links), in a list style thingy:


Huntsville (2005)

Prime Suspects (2006)

Ravenhearst (2006)

Madame Fate (2007)

Return to Ravenhearst (2008)

Dire Grove (2009)

13th Skull (2010)

Escape from Ravenhearst (2011)

Shadow Lake (2012)


MCF Games



MCF Hunstville Logo


I just finished Huntsville [My map and screenshots here for you], because I decided to play the MCF series in sequence.


Huntsville was the first in the genre, and I started at the start - I'm like that.


I found that you only have a certain amount of time to play each level, including reassembling a tile puzzle at the end, before being told you have to start again from scratch. Annoying huh?


(Especially annoying if you decide to make a coffee and forget to put the screen on "pause".)


So, towards the end I decided to cheat a little and print off screenshots of the rooms so I could get a head start on finding the hidden objects. I don't really call that cheating, do you?


I have shared them all with you on this page, along with some HINTS about the game in general.


List of Game Cheats and Walkthroughs




Prime Suspects 


Madame Fate

Return to Ravenhearst 

Dire Grove 

13th Skull 

Escape from Ravenhearst 

Shadow Lake and here


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