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If you love cats, here are a few random things you may like.


Simon's Cat



Our Cats: Florin and Sixpence





Hardly anyone believes us, but our cats do talk. Bengals are super-intelligent and quick to pick up anything new. Ours can tell time perfectly so that they always ask for meals, and bedtime, and getting up, at exactly the set times.


In fact, if we miss the time, we get mobbed. And Sixpence has perfected the "death stare" and stares rigidly at me until I "get with the program".


Bengal staring

Anyway, the talking thing.


Sixpence in particular has a wide vocal range, and as far as her physical abilities is able to say such words as:


Mum, Dad, hello, yes, nope, nowt, NO, mmm (means yes), now (means "food") help, out, c'mon, dunno, I am, I know (for these she actually uses the proper human inflection and tone, which she's copied from us of course).


She uses the word appropriately, and even strings some together - for instance, if she's demanding food and I go in the loo and shut the door, she will sit outside and says "Mum, Help, Now".


NOW = food, simply because we played a game with them when they were kittens. We'd say "what do we want? Food. When do we want it? NOW" and then open the cupboard door to feed them, so the trigger word NOW means food.

She only seems to use the word "nowt" (Yorkshire for 'nothing') whenever we say "Sixie, what are you doing??" The way she says "nowt" is different to the "now" word for food. The inflection is different too. She picked this word up from my husband, who comes from Yorkshire.

Here's some random conversations with our cats, mostly Sixpence.


Play "Good Morning"

Play "I Don't Do Tricks"

Play "Going Ni Nites"


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